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Denise D. Stansfield creates award-winning freelance graphic design & illustration projects for start-ups and expanding businesses.

For more than 35 years, D. Stansfield Design, located in Soquel, CA has been devoted to the creation of graphic design and illustration through print and digital media. Proudly, She has received outstanding recognition for her work including a series of wine labels designed for the former Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney’s Garland Appeal Foundation. Her product designs have been presented before the Presidential Cabinet at the White House and her dazzling stage designs have appeared on Broadway shows and national broadcasting sets.

Denise is result oriented and highly skilled in all facets of graphic design. She has worked with a broad range of industries and clients helping them achieve their marketing objectives through effective messaging and images that have grown to international status.

“Image is everything. There is an irresistible urge to create true art in everything I do. I find the creative process challenging and exciting as I strive to go beyond what is conceivable. My work also demands social responsibility in the products and services I promote. It reflects the positive aspects of our culture by presenting compelling images that attract our attention, excite our senses and ultimately motivate us to make positive choices.”    

D Stansfield Design Signature
Award Winning Graphic Design and Illustration
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